About ROAR Academy

“Know your why, know your how, know your what, know your where, and know your who” are five essentials to fulfilling your life’s purpose. Through the course work, labs, assignments, and readings, you will answer the “WHYs” and step into living your full potential. You will be activated in your gifts, translate your gifts into your sphere of influence, expand your knowledge in the Bible, and understand revival and reformation history and its personal and practical applications today.


ROAR Academy started in 2014 as the Renaissance School of Reformation with a mission to equip, empower, and emancipate cultural architects to practically and tangibly release the Kingdom of God into every sphere of society by living a life of intimacy with God, personal renewal, revival, and reformation.

What to Expect

Discover & develop your spiritual gifts and five-fold anointing
   Understand the Biblical underpinnings of reformation
   Step into your God-given purpose
   Increase your ability to lead and influence
   Receive impartation from global leaders